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  • Whatever your drinking run, should be Heaven Leigh Tea or you’re missing out

    Heaven Leigh Tea is a refreshing experience that can easily enhance you’re daily rhythm! I love that there is a tea for every mood,time of day and that there are multiple heath benefits. The cherry on top is that there’s no weird aftertaste! Whatever your drinking run,should be Heaven Leigh Tea or you’re missing out - Ryan T

  • The Most Refreshing Taste!

    These teas by far have the most refreshing taste! And all the added health benefits are just the cherry on top to the delicious flavour!

    -Naomi C.

  • I never liked tea, but Heaven Leigh Tea has turned me into a tea-lover!

    They have classic tea flavors, but they also have unique flavors that appeal to everyone, including myself! I love their seasonal flavors & love each & every benefit from the ingredients! I have used Blue Sunflower to cure a cold many times! I love to drinking Heaven Leigh Tea right before bed, it always puts me right to sleep. Do yourself a favor and try some, all it takes is one tea and you’ll be hooked!

    Ashelly R.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Devin. As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved tea. My mom had a special tea cabinet growing up with all our favourite mugs & teas. When I moved out I created my own tea cabinet. As much as I love a good cup of peppermint there is just something to be said about a fun and unique tea. That’s why I started creating my own tea. I wanted to spice up the average tea without the weird after taste. I hope you love my teas as much as I do!